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One platform for all your fleet solutions

GPS Tracking , Automated Fleet management software

Task and Route planning software

Fleet reminder program & CRM 

4G trackers with multi carriers & WiFi hotspot

No Contracts, No Equipment cost , No Installation fee

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Live tracking , ​Fleet management software


Task management / Route planning


One platform 

Rich Mapping and powerful GPS Tracking , Real time tracking , 24/7 trip History , Hardware independent platform

Task and Route Planning . Tracking Mobile apps free

Monthly reports

Keep track of your fleet’s real-time activity at all times

From any desktop or mobile device

on one platform

No Contract, No Installation Fees


When - Where - What

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service


Per Month

Best for General Upkeep

Our 4G GPS

GPS Platform , Automated Fleet Management Software, route planning , CRM  task management 

FREE Hardware     4G LTE  GPS Tracker

No contract needed 


We have over 50 GPS Companies and over 1000 GPS Configured in to our system . It makes it much easier to connect your GPS to our system .

We use OBD 4G Trackers to track and manage your fleet.

We are LPAW Platform for Low power GPS tracking like Animals , Assets tracking, Trailer or Cargo tracking 

Vehicle maintenance cost report

Vehicle maintenance reminder report

Codb certified for insurance discount.

Vehicle unauthorized after hours driving report.

notifications will be sent to you immediately

Theft alarm ,Tracking Locations and shut off capabilities.

Maintenance scheduling at your mechanic shop or use ours for

20% discount

Alerts for Key Fleet Activity

Be alerted in real-time for key driving events including

Safe driving habits: speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration

Device tampering and no GPS signal

Geofence alerts when drivers enter or exit

First ignition of the day

Excessive idling which reduces fuel efficiency

Eco Driving

Score your drivers and get a 10% discount on your insurance​

Fuel monitoring

Save thousands of dollars on unauthorized fuel usage and theft 

Fleet maintenance

Let us keep track of all your fleet maintenance and appoitments

Daily , Weekly , Monthly

end of the year report​ 

Full reports of all your Vehicles activity for cost and Tax benefits 


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By using our system , you can eliminate unauthorized stops, track employees going home early or during the day, taking extended lunch breaks and not actually being where they say they are. If you ever have problems with missed stops, incomplete jobs or side jobs, this is a great solution to keep on top of what’s actually happening.

With all time stamps and history stored for three years as standard, our system puts business owners, dispatchers, service managers and operations in the driver’s seat .

Once these systems go in, they pay for themselves. One hour of overtime or time spent not working pays for more than a month of service. Most businesses save significantly more than this. GPS tracking pays for itself and saved time locating employees, more production, safer driving, less unauthorized miles driven and faster dispatching. This means you can arrive at a customer sooner and save $$$ gas and time .

Geo fence for weekend (off time means) if they even start your van when they are not allowed to drive. it would send you a notification to your cell phone immediately.

We will track your vehicles miles 24 hours a day , if any one drives your van at anytime. we will let you know how long they drove and what it cost you.

This alone can save you thousands if the drivers know you are watching 24/7

It also receives information such as the position of the vehicle, speed, location and engine status. It will then relay the data via cell towers into our servers. You can then log on to the internet via any desktop or your free app and check on your vehicle

After Hours Tracking of drivers will save you thousands of dollars in gas and maintenance

We help you identify fuel wasters such as excessive idling and speeding. With a little bit of insight, customers are reducing fuel use up to 20%. In fleets of 10 and more this could mean thousands of dollars of savings per year.

You don’t have to repeatedly call employees to find out where they are, who is closest, how long until they are done or if they are free. You no longer have to worry .

We will USPS a tracking unit to anywhere you like and have it working in no time . Your vehicle never has to come to us . 

Innovative Fleet Solutions

23561 Ridge Route Dr Suite N

Laguna Hills Ca 92653

833_ 24FLEET

[email protected]